Why to write TOR for the development of the site

The importance of a detailed specification cannot be overemphasized. TOR is the foundation for the further development of the entire project. Working on TOR is important for optimizing work processes and for reducing time and financial costs later. What is more important than ever, TOR is crucial for establishing mutual understanding between the customer and the contractor. Suppose you have an idea of how to use information technology to give a new impetus to business development. There is often a temptation to immediately move on to the direct implementation of plans. For example, speed up the development of a site, saving money at the planning stage. But such haste is rarely justified, and here’s why TOR is require:

  • This is an important insurance against performers’ negligence. If the contractor has not implemented the desired function on the site, you can always refer to the contract and remind them that everything must be done following the TOR.
  • While working on requirements, generalized and disparate ideas evolve into tangible form and structure. An abstract dream becomes a goal with a sequence of actions and a time frame.
  • Economy. When investing money for the implementation of your idea, you, like no one else, should be interested in the most rational spending. Competent planning saves you from unnecessary costs and allows you to spend your budget as efficiently as possible.
  • It is always appropriate to start creating a website with writing TOR. As our experience shows, the economy on TOR always turns into much higher costs at later stages. Redoing a nearly finished product is always more expensive and painful than making changes to a project.

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