There are many requirements for the development of documentation for creating a site. There should be no chaos, inaccuracies, and double concepts in it. Atlantox professionals can create the correct TOR.

We offer:

  • take advantage of our knowledge and experience, not only in the preparation of such documents but also in the site’s creation. In this regard, it is convenient to use our TOR;
  • cooperation without “force majeure”: we treat our work responsibly, fulfilling orders promptly and on time;
  • reliability. TOR should not only be in the hands of the customer but also should contribute to the creation of an effective website. If, after receiving the document, you have any questions about it, then experts from Atlantox will certainly advise.
  • TOR from our company is a high-quality fulfillment of the customer’s requirements for the creation of detailed, clear instructions for creating a website. Thanks to the information set out in the TOR, making the resource of your dreams will be easy and fast.

To order a TOR, you must contact us in one of the following ways:

apply through the “Write a letter” form;

contact through the specified contacts


The final stage of work on the site concept is the development of a prototype

The prototype helps us understand what the client wants to see on their website, what functionality their customers need. And the client will delve into the subject area in this way. On prototypes, clients describe in detail why such functionality is needed, explain the specifics of the site, etc.

You can poke the prototype with the cursor or your finger. If you wish, you can print it and trace on paper with a pencil what you don’t like, and it is easy to explain it to the contractor. It is also easier for them to move a block in the prototype than to move the same block on a finished project five minutes later. As a result, everything is in the black: the client saves money, and the developers are less likely to listen to the designer’s displeased grumbling.

Phone:+ 485 144 71 894
Company name:Atlantox Sp. z o.o.
Address:Marcina Kasprzaka 31, 01-234 Warszawa, Polska
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