• The same vision of the project: The prototype dots the i’s and crosses the t’s and as a result, the project is developed in full understanding of the work of all functionality.
  • Usability improvement: Experiment with the best layout for users, easier to implement on a prototype.
  • Awareness of the system as a whole: Seeing the complete picture, you can understand what features should be added and what should be changed.
  • Reduced design costs: By aligning elements early on, you don’t have to spend money on design changes in the future.
  • Planning dynamic elements: When developing interfaces, some elements appear under certain conditions and a prototype is ideal for rendering them
  • Getting started on content: The prototype will show the type and amount of content required for the project. You can start working on its creation at an earlier stage.

Phone:+ 485 144 71 894
Company name:Atlantox Sp. z o.o.
Address:Marcina Kasprzaka 31, 01-234 Warszawa, Polska
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