The main factors influencing the price when drawing up TOR:

  1. Site type. Different types of sites have different functionality. Designing all modules of an online store is more difficult than describing a business card site or landing page.
  2. The scale and structure of the site. When drawing up TOR, it is not necessary to describe each page. But, nevertheless, in the specification the site should be described in as much detail as possible, starting with the significant sections.
  3. Completeness of the data to be provided by the client. Writing is preceded by work on the concept. It is necessary to research the target audience, to determine the goals and objectives of the site. Therefore, much depends on what information the client is initially willing to provide.
  4. Often, layouts and prototypes of pages are attached to the TOR. Development of the user interface and visual design can be paid for as a separate service or included in the total design price.

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