Web-design course program (UI / UX)

Stage 1

Introduction to Web Design. Composition, typography, color theory.

Acquaintance with Adobe Photoshop. Features of the program, toolbar, hotkeys, principles of working with layers, shapes. Application of the acquired skills in practice.

Familiarity with Adobe Illustrator. Studying the interface, basic tools, and how it works. Creation of logo and icons.

Website development: principles and algorithm. The main idea and task of the site. Collection of information. Brief, customer requirements, analysis of competitors’ sites, designation of the target audience. Ideas, examples for the site, moodboard. Site structure. Creation of a warframe for the future site. Rendering a detailed website design.

Responsiveness. Rules for creating responsive sites. Basic permissions for responsive sites. Rendering the final website design for a mobile device and tablet.

Getting to know Figma. Learning tools, hotkeys, working with symbols. The concept of plugins and how to work with them.

Stage 2

Basics of HTML / CSS. Using the Inspect tool. Transfer of the layout to the layout.

UX basics: idea generation, user stories, user flows, mind maps. Learning Axure, Balsamiq, MockFlow.

Mobile applications: design features for mobile devices. The concept of mobile OS guidelines. Features of design creation for different iOS / Android platforms. Acquaintance with the UI Kit. Creation of a mobile application.

How to present a project to a customer. Working with InVision, creating clickable prototypes.

An overview of animation in After Effects.

Creation of an online portfolio on Behance / Dribbble, design of works.

Life after the course: how to develop as a designer, where to get ideas? List of literature and resources for self-study.

What will you get as a result of the course Web-design (UI / UX)

1. Master working with programs and services such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, Axure, InVision, After Effects, MockFlow

2. You will learn how to create a selling and effective design, get acquainted with modern UI / UX technologies.

3. You will be able to make beautiful and convenient design of web pages and applications.

Create your own portfolio to help you with your interview.

4. The best students will receive a recommendation from a teacher and the opportunity to be interviewed at leading iT companies.

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