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Reliability is a fundamental characteristic of complex technical systems used in business. As our practice shows, it is guaranteed by the operational control of the parameters responsible for the stability of the functioning of information systems and their components.

Atlantox has performed a significant amount of work in this direction, and also developed many models for assessing indicators of ensuring the information processes reliability.

Also, the accumulated experience allows us to identify the readiness of information systems for reorganization and operation. The probabilistic assessment of software properties we make in this way allows us to avoid discrepancies in test results and program specifications, and at the same time possible errors in its subsequent operation.

At Atlantox, we view software as a system of functionally combined elements, which allows us to comprehensively predict the behavior of software components in accordance with the expected algorithm of their interaction.

Thus, our clients receive a product, the distinctive features of which are:

  • correctness
  • safety
  • trouble-free operation (subject to timely debugging)

By entrusting the development of your software to professionals in this field, you will significantly reduce the risks associated with the disruption of information processes in your company.

Software development process

To keep up with the latest technologies and make life easier for users, software as an integral part of the information infrastructure needs to be timely updated and improved.

Software development is a complex, multi-stage and creative process, the main goal of which is to maintain the long-term operability of the information system with the help of certain components, equipped with the necessary functional characteristics. Shortly, this is about structuring components that are subordinate to a single algorithm.

The key to success in the software development is the sequence of the following stages:

  • Analysis of technical specifications
  • Creation of program code
  • Software implementation and testing
  • Software commissioning

The observance of  these stages is the clue for debugging effective information processes at the enterprise.

The range of services offered in different fields:

E-education and marketing

Availability of ready-made solutions in questionnaire systems, training and testing of company personnel. 

Complex software solution for transactions with card products of financial institutions (corporate, customer credit cards, etc.).

Trade and e-commerce

A wide range of projects in the field of e-commerce. From creating a web application for booking seats and buying tickets in cinemas, theaters, air and transport companies to developing a web application for furniture design.


Creation of software to optimize the workflow in the healthcare sector, as well as the development of an information web resource for organizing information on medicines and pharmaceutical products.

Auto and Transport

Creation of a mobile application that allows you to analyze the state of various engine and car parameters in real time using a smartphone. Creation of technology for measuring the acceleration speed of a car using GPS and an accelerometer.


Creation of creative and multifunctional solutions in the multimedia field. Development of a system for analyzing data on viewing programs and advertisements on TV for building media ratings of TV channels, introducing CRM systems to manage requests from customers of a mobile operator.

Energy industry

Implementation of integrated solutions in the energy sector. Development of a system for power plants for the collection, processing and metering of electricity from remote industrial meters. Creation of a portal and a desktop application for the management and automatic collection of data from heat meters in residential buildings.

Banks and Finance

Implementation of banking systems for integration with international money transfer systems, systems for coordinating budget applications and operational control of budget use, a system for automating lending business processes, etc.

Accurate adherence to time-honored software development milestones is becoming a fundamental criterion for software companies and their customers interested in getting a program that performs excellently. Let us consider in detail each stage of the generally accepted software development methodology in order to assess their high significance for achieving the goal set for the performers.

  • Analysis of technical specifications

The main purpose of this stage is the analysis of the structural and functional relationship between the elements of the modeled system. It is important to determine the goals software products to fulfil, the achievement of which requires the attention of developers.

To avoid possible misunderstandings between the customer and the members of the development team, the proposed system solution can be visualized, and the visual can be approved with all participants in the process as the initial process.

  • Creation of program code

After evaluating several competing solutions and preliminary analysis of their advantages, the actual work with the code begins.

If we are talking about writing code to perform highly specialized tasks within a particular enterprise, then the client’s company’s efficiency  rests on a coding stage approach and its competency. The code creation can occur at one time with the next development stage of software testing, which helps to make changes as you write the code. The efficiency level of interaction of all elements involved within formulated tasks implementation is the most important at the current stage; the quality of project implementation depends on the coordination of the programmers actions, designers and testers.

  • Software implementation and testing

After the programmers achieve their plans, the written code is followed by equally important stages of software development, often combined into one phase – product testing and subsequent debugging, which allows eliminating programming flaws and achieving the final goal – full-featured work of the developed program. The testing process allows you to simulate situations in which a software product stops functioning. The debug department then localizes and fixes the errors found in the code, shaping it to near-perfect state.

These two stages take at least 30% of the time spent on the entire project, since the fate of the software created by the programmers depends on their high-quality execution. Often, the functions of a tester and a debugger are performed by one department, however, it would be most optimal to distribute these responsibilities among different performers, which will increase the efficiency of finding errors in the program code.

  • Software commissioning

The way of software introducing into operation is the final development stage and could be maintained together with the debugging of the system. Usually, program commissioning takes three stages to be carried out :

  • initial data loading;
  • gradual information accumulation;
  • program created bringing to the design capacity

The key goal of the step-by-step implementation of the program developed is the gradual identification of previously undetected errors and shortcomings in the code. As part of this stage of software development, both the customer and the contractor may encounter a number of rather narrow range of errors associated with partial data mismatch when incepting them into the database, as well as disruptions in the execution of software procedures due to the use of multi-user access. This is also the stage, where the user’s interaction with the program  gains its  final picture, and  latter determines the strength of loyalty to the developed interface. When reached its design capacity  as a result of modifications and advancement series, the system work doesn’t face complications. That’s what defines  the preliminary work on the project done properly, and approves the previous stages of development implementation correctness.

Our advantages

Accurate adherence to time-honored software development milestones is becoming a fundamental criterion for software companies and their customers interested in getting a program that performs excellently. Let us consider in detail each stage of the generally accepted software development methodology in order to assess their high significance for achieving the goal set for the performers.

Atlantox is a recognized leader in software development and IT consulting. The advantages of cooperation with us often refer to as a strategic approach to business development, which quickly provided the company with a leading position in the EU market, namely:

  • Price leadership strategy. The quality of the services we provide at market prices is  higher than the quality of services on the market. This became possible due to the opportunity to receive a stable income from long-term cooperation with existing clients. We are confident in our ability to earn your loyalty and do not put our risks value into your bill.
  • Differentiation strategy. Get more value for less money by working with us within the loyalty program. Our bespoken package offer will allow your business to get a comprehensive solution for actual challenges with less money.
  • Niche leadership strategy. Entering the EU market, we focused on the interests of consumers of software for banks and financial institutions, after which we expanded our range of attention to other areas. Development of standard solutions in each of these areas allows us to significantly reduce the client’s costs for the development and improvement of information systems, as well as rightfully makes us recognized leaders in IT consulting in the EU market.

Entrust the complex service of your information systems to professionals! Atlantox guarantees you more value for less money.

Software main categories

The concept of software includes computer programs, as well as associated digital procedures and related documentation containing data regarding the state and operation of a given computer system.

Usually program software can be divided into three main categories:

Applied. (350 – 2 500 $)

Integrated office systems, financial analytical systems, specialized geographic information systems and many other types of application software can significantly increase the efficiency of your business, when they are well developed. Atlantox guarantees its customers the quality and urgency of the work required.

Systemic. (3000$ – 13 000$)

Manage your business resources, check equipment health, store information and create backups using Atlantox system developments.

Instrumental. (350$ – 1 500$)

A specialized text editor, translator, linker, debugger, libraries – the Atlantox team has extensive experience in creating programs that are used in the further development of application and system software. We are ready to move from small to great. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then trying us in action is priceless!

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