PHP web development course program

Stage 1

Fundamentals of Web Programming. Installing and configuring software (Apache, MySQL, PHP).

Basics of HTML, Forms, HTTP Methods, GET & POST, Uploading Files to the Server Using Forms.

PHP capabilities, what tasks it solves. Areas of use.

Specificity of the PHP programming language: syntax, variables, constants, data types, expressions, operations, priority of operations, increment and decrement operators, regular expressions.

Arrays and loops: working with arrays, data access, sorting, global arrays, for, while, do… while, foreach loops.

Stage 2

Functions. Overview of built-in functions. Custom functions.

Working with the MySql database: purpose, structure, setting up access to the database, SQL – query language, table types, procedures, transactions.

Object-oriented programming: classes and objects, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism, data encapsulation, method overloading, magic methods, mixins, anonymous functions.

Errors and exceptions.

MVC paradigm: model, view, controller, MVC frameworks.

An overview of CMS and the basics of working with them (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento).

DOM, JavaScript, jQuery.

Interaction between client and server. AJAX, JSON, XML.

Working on your own PHP projects.

What you get as a result of the PHP web development course

1. Learn to create interactive web pages.

2. Learn to design database structures.

3. Get experience working on simple PHP-based projects, both independently and as part of a team.

4. You will have your own finished work that you can show in the interview.

5. Gain basic knowledge and skills within the relevant Junior PHP developer qualifications.

6. The best students will receive recommendations for employment in the iT company.

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Address:Marcina Kasprzaka 31, 01-234 Warszawa, Polska
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