When we enter a website address in a browser, we don’t think about where the text, images, and design come from. The page is loaded because a computer is running somewhere, in memory of which files with site text, pictures, videos, scripts are stored. Such a computer is called a server.

The server stores files with the site’s content and downloads them when users visit the site. The bigger and more popular the site is, the more resources it will need. For example, Facebook uses over 50,000 servers.

Hosting is a paid service. It includes renting space on the server and its capacities. The companies that provide hosting are called hosting providers or hosters. The task of these companies is to ensure that your site is available to users all the time.

Hosting can be done on a home computer, but then you have to keep it turned on all time and monitor the load and power outages yourself.

Hosting can be compared to an art gallery. The gallery contains art objects, and the hosting contains sites. To look at paintings or sculptures, you need to know the gallery address and opening hours. But the site is available all the time. To access it, you only need to know the correct domain. Enter the domain in the browser and the desired page opens.

Why do you need hosting

Hosting is needed to store files with the site in day and night access, manage these files, and change their properties. For this, hosting providers install special equipment, namely control panels. It will not be possible to briefly describe all the hosting features, but here are the main ones.

  1. For email

The hosting will store letters and mail settings: spam filter parameters, automatic replies, forwarding rules, contacts.

  1. For site

The hosting stores files and the site and manages them. In the control panel, the administrator downloads and deletes files, changes the appearance of the site, monitors its performance.

  1. For security certificate

If you are going to install an SSL certificate on a website, you will need hosting space. The files of the certificate and its settings will be stored there.

The certificate encrypts contact forms on the site so that fraudsters cannot use the personal data of users.

  1. For application

An application needs hosting to store application files, be online day and night, and store user information.

Why our hosting services are the best

  • Intrusion protection

On the Internet, cybercriminals search for vulnerable computers day and night. According to our statistics, we record up to 1 million daily intrusion attempts to the servers and sites of our clients.

  • DDoS protection

Very often, unscrupulous businessmen resort to dirty methods of competition such as attacking a website to disable it using attacks such as a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

  • Fixing anomalies

According to analytical agencies, several thousand sites around the world are hacked every day, and several million are already infected. This protection is a proprietary development of the Atlantox company and has no analogs.

  • Additional authorization

One of the popular methods of unauthorized access by hackers is guessing passwords to the admin panels of sites. One of the character traits of some site owners is to put easy-to-remember passwords on their admin panels, such as dates of birth and simple sequences of numbers or letters.

  • Captcha – additional protection against DDoS attacks

It has long been known that it is impossible to completely secure your site against DDoS, but you can make the protection that, because of the cost of overcoming it, will not suit the customer – an unscrupulous competitor. For this, modern security systems for a while offer to include the so-called captcha.

  • Vulnerability Scanner

In case of infection of the site or the site was infected before transferring to us, we suggest our clients use the commercial version of the popular AI-Bolit vulnerability scanner. AI-Bolit is better than anyone else in finding viruses and malicious and hacker scripts on hosting: shells based on signatures and flexible patterns, shells based on simple heuristics – everything that ordinary antiviruses and scanners cannot find.

  • Malware Treatment

Our task is not only to provide a communication service – “hosting”, but also to provide the client with technical support in difficult situations – unauthorized access or hacking of the site.

Hosting types

Most often, hosting is bought for websites. Each site requires a different amount of resources, so there are different types of hosting. They differ in memory size, functionality, and pre-installed software. There are five main types of hosting.

Shared hosting

This is a type of hosting in which one server is divided into many parts and rented out separately. Several hundred users can simultaneously host their sites on one server.

All users use the resources of one server. This means that if someone uses too many resources, it will be reflected on other sites. To prevent this from happening and ensure that everyone has a level playing field, hosting providers impose restrictions. May limit RAM usage or disk write speed. 

This does not mean that shared hosting is the worst. It’s just meant for small projects. Most sites do not need the resources of an entire server, so it is divided into parts.

This type of hosting is suitable for a business card site, landing page, portfolio, blog, or small online store.

Popular shared hosting package RA101

  • 50 GB
  • 190 website templates
  • Free domain
  • from $ 6 per month

Virtual server

This is a type of hosting in which a physical server is divided into several independent parts and rented out separately. One physical server can have several dozen virtual servers.

A virtual server has no restrictions like shared hosting. It can be freely customized for your project. You can even install your software.

As in the case of shared hosting, several virtual servers are hosted on one physical server. Each of them is isolated from each other. If one virtual server consumes a lot of resources, it will not affect other users.

This type of hosting is suitable for an online store, a forum with a large number of visitors, an application, or a corporate website where customers and employees have accounts or personal mail.

Popular VPS package TA105

  • Unlimited traffic
  • 4096 MB guaranteed memory
  • SWAP 2048 MB
  • Port speed 25 Mbps
  • from $ 13 per month

Dedicated hosting server

This is a type of hosting where you manage the whole server alone. In this case, you are not dependent on other clients of the hosting provider. Your options will be limited only by the capabilities of the server itself.

The administrator of the dedicated hosting server gets full access to software and hardware. This means that you will be in control of the operating system and file system, and can even buy additional hardware if necessary.

This type of hosting is suitable for a game server, social network, banking site, large online store, or an application that requires a lot of resources.

Popular dedicated hosting server PH107

  • CPU: AMD Opteron 3280 8 CORES
  • RAM: 32 GB DDR3
  • HDD: 2x 2000 GB SATA II
  • Datacenter: France
  • from $ 77 per month

Cloud hosting

This is a type of hosting in which you pay only for the number of resources, and the hosting provider distributes them between random servers. Imagine that your site is partially stored on three different servers. RAM, processor power, and other resources are also taken from different servers. This helps the hosting provider to better balance the load on the equipment.

Imagine that the management of a residential complex decided to joke and gave you a kitchen in one house, a bedroom in a second, a living room in a third, and a bathroom in a fourth.

Living in such a house would be hell, but in the case of hosting it is even better. If over time you begin to run out of hosting resources, then you will not have to switch to another tariff plan. You use the resources of several independent servers and can change the number of resources when needed.

This type of hosting is suitable for a media publishing site, online store, application, or site that lacks the resources of a virtual server.

Popular cloud hosting package CH111

  • SSD 50 GB
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 20 sites
  • Free domain
  • Free SSL
  • from $ 7 per month


This is a type of hosting in which the user hosts their servers with a hosting provider and pays for their maintenance. Usually, the price includes a minimum set of services: rent and security of space for equipment, connection to electricity and the Internet, cooling, etc. For a fee, they can offer additional services such as data protection and backup.

This type of hosting is suitable if your site consumes more resources than a dedicated server gives. Paying for a few dedicated servers every month will be more expensive than buying your equipment and renting a room for it.

To order  hosting, you must contact us in one of the following ways:

apply through the “Write a letter” form;

contact through the specified contacts

Memory (32 GB)
RAID (Hardware only)
Country (Any)
Number of servers (1 pc)

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