Java course syllabus

Stage 1

Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming (Java). Paradigms and principles in Java.

Basic Java Concepts. An introduction to the Java platform. JVM, JRE, JDK. Compiling and running from the console. Classpath. Eclipse IDE. SVN / Subclilpse.

Data types, literals, conversion between primitive types, Java compiler optimization.

Operations and operators, priority, types of operands in Java. A type of arithmetic expression in Java. Arrays in Java.

Responsiveness. Rules for creating responsive sites. Basic permissions for responsive sites. Rendering the final website design for a mobile device and tablet.

Classes in Java. Object class (main methods). Access levels in Java. Inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism. Instanceof operator. Conversions between classes, arrays. Method overloading, overlapping and hiding in Java. Final, static keywords. Class Class (purpose, methods of obtaining). GC.

UML overview.

Stage 2

Java exceptions try / catch / finally, throw / throws, checked / unchecked exceptions, yourown.

IO: character, byte streams, Scanner, Formatter, IO: add-ons. Serialization / Deserialization in Java.

Threads in Java: Basic Concepts, Basic Methods, Synchronization, Interaction.

Collections in Java. Java hierarchy. Iterable / Iterator, Collection / List / Set / Queue.

Comparison of objects in Java. Comparable, Comparator interfaces. HashCode, equals, compare / compare To methods.

Creation of an online portfolio on Behance / Dribbble, design of works.

Java and XML.


Java Web: HTTP, Tomcat, JSP, Servlets.

Building, testing and other tools: Maven, Ant, Junit, TestNG, Cobertura.

Get and post methods.

Basics of HTML, XHTML, CSS.

Basics of JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX.


What will you get as a result of the Java course

1. Learn to apply key design principles and design patterns.

2. Learn to read basic types of UML diagrams.

3. Use the exception mechanism in applications.

4. Get skills in working with databases, web technologies.

5. Generate JavaDoc documentation.

6. Get a basic understanding of Spring.

7. Acquire basic knowledge and skills within the scope of the Junior Java Software Engineer qualification.

8. The best students will receive recommendations from teachers for work in leading iT companies.

9. Support and assistance in employment.

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