Stages of IT Consulting

<span> </span> Stages of IT Consulting

Technical audit of enterprise information systems

Formation of recommendations for optimizing work and improving the efficiency of information systems

Assessment of the organizational state of information processes

Planning further transformation of information systems, taking into account the strategic decisions taken for the development of the company.

Identifying and processing business needs while changing information infrastructure

Why it is worth working with us

It is difficult to overestimate the advantages of IT consulting for organizing information processes in a modern enterprise.

Our team has excellent analytical and planning skills in the field of information technology, but this is not the only thing that makes us leaders in our segment.

We provide our clients with:

  • Effective organization and support of information processes
  • Optimal functioning of the information structures technical base
  • A comprehensive audit of information infrastructure
  • Identification of problems and assessment of risks for business when organizing information processes in an enterprise
  • Detailed expert recommendations for improving information support

At the same time, our main strengths in the market are attention to detail and a systematic approach. We strive for long-term cooperation with our clients and offer them the best strategic solutions to scale their business.

What tasks does our consulting team set when the client orders our services

The main condition for successful IT Consulting is a clear statement of tasks and goals for its implementation. So, at the audit stage, our specialists can conclude the state of the current IT infrastructure and its compliance with business needs. If the client is interested in introducing new technologies into the work, the conclusions of our experts will also contain recommendations for changing information systems, as well as their budgeting and administration. When deciding on the reorganization of information processes at the enterprise, at the request of the client, special attention is also paid to the issues of system security and counteraction to possible external interference.

Goals and objectives of IT Consulting:

<span> </span> Goals and objectives of IT Consulting:

Entrust your IT infrastructure to professionals who are familiar with international standards for organizing information processes.

Optimization of the budget spent by the company on information maintenance of computer systems

Identification of "troubling spots" in the organization of information processes

Ensuring the efficiency of the IT department

Security audit of information systems and development of proposals for improving the relevant protocols.

Development of recommendations for improving information infrastructure

Varieties of business models of cooperation: payment for a one-time service / payment per hour

Varieties of business models of cooperation: payment for a one-time service / payment per hour

Choosing the best business model for interacting with customers is an important part of our overall success. Depending on the timing, volume of tasks performed, as well as the resources used, we offer the following forms of payment:

Fixed price

Fixed price

  • Exact scope of requirements
  • Short time
  • Fixed budget
This model is the most common for small and medium-sized businesses, as they prefer short-term planning. The model is ideal for the development of ready-made solutions, and it provides the client with the coordination of the work plan and its monetary value at the initial stage of interaction.

Time and material

Time and material

  • Changing requirements
  • Undefined scope of work
  • Unfixed dates
A model for long-term projects, allowing for changes in the conditions of cooperation in the course of work. It is preferable for multi-stage projects. It provides organizational flexibility of cooperation at any stage of the implementation of the assigned tasks.

Milestone model

Milestone model

  • Specific scope of work
  • Certain time
  • Predefined milestone
This model gives a customer flexible billing that covers time that service provider has spent, as well as the achievement within the milestone definition. The price is formed due to the total amount of milestones set from the beginning of collaboration considering as well the amount of time that was spent to fulfil the achievement.

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