Course program Layout (HTML + CSS)

Stage 1

Introduction to Web Development. HTML basics, tags, attributes, elements

Introduction to CSS – basic properties, rules, inheritance, cascading, calculating the specificity of styles.

Pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements, types of selectors.

Rules for writing code. Semantic layout. Project architecture. Methodologies BEM, SMACSS, OSCSS.

Normalization and reset of styles, layout Pixel Perfect.

Document flow concept, floating elements and positioning.

Stage 2

 Tables. Layout of letters.

Sticky footer / header, dropdown menus, tabs, pagination.

Icon and custom fonts.

The concept of adaptive and responsive layout, the basic rules for creating a responsive website.

MVC paradigm: model, view, controller, MVC frameworks.

An overview of CMS and the basics of working with them (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento).

Media queries. FlexBox module. Working with grids, familiarity with the Bootstrap / Skeleton / Foundation / SemanticUI frameworks (by choice or by the pace of the group’s progress).

Javascript basics – variables, functions, working with elements.

Preprocessors – SASS / SCSS, LESS. Project builders – Gulp / Grunt. Test project.

What will you get as a result of the course Layout (HTML + CSS)

1. Сonfident knowledge of mark-up and the ability to continue training in the direction of programming (JavaScript courses, PHP courses, Java courses).

2. Ability to independently create beautiful and convenient sites for Web and Mobile.

3. Your own finished project and examples of work that you can show at an interview.

The best students will receive recommendations for employment in the iT company.

Phone:+ 485 144 71 894
Company name:Atlantox Sp. z o.o.
Address:Marcina Kasprzaka 31, 01-234 Warszawa, Polska
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