Similar to building a house, the development of a web application or site begins with terms of reference (hereinafter – TOR). In business terms, a TOR is a document that contains all the fundamental parameters of an Internet project: from business goals to design and development nuances. Metaphorically speaking, TOR is like a recipe for a dish. The more detailed information, the better the final result will be. Below, you will see in detail the TOR elements and why one cannot do anything without it.

Why to write TOR for the development of the site

The importance of a detailed specification cannot be overemphasized. TOR is the foundation for the further development of the entire project. Working on TOR is important for optimizing work processes and for reducing time and financial costs later. What is more important than ever, TOR is crucial for establishing mutual understanding between the customer and the contractor. Suppose you have an idea of how to use information technology to give a new impetus to business development. There is often a temptation to immediately move on to the direct implementation of plans. For example, speed up the development of a site, saving money at the planning stage. But such haste is rarely justified, and here’s why TOR is require:

  • This is an important insurance against performers’ negligence. If the contractor has not implemented the desired function on the site, you can always refer to the contract and remind them that everything must be done following the TOR.
  • While working on requirements, generalized and disparate ideas evolve into tangible form and structure. An abstract dream becomes a goal with a sequence of actions and a time frame.
  • Economy. When investing money for the implementation of your idea, you, like no one else, should be interested in the most rational spending. Competent planning saves you from unnecessary costs and allows you to spend your budget as efficiently as possible.
  • It is always appropriate to start creating a website with writing TOR. As our experience shows, the economy on TOR always turns into much higher costs at later stages. Redoing a nearly finished product is always more expensive and painful than making changes to a project.

Benefits for the contractor

t is much more convenient for developers to perform work in accordance with the detailed specification for at least two reasons:

  • TOR guarantees the contractor protection of rights to the same extent it guarantees the client. It will be easier for you to defend your position, for example, if the client demands to include in the project something that was not initially agreed.
  • TOR is a detailed roadmap, guided by which, you will be able to increase the speed, quality and coherence of work processes.

A well-written TOR protects against unforeseen conflicts and misunderstandings. The client and the contractor can always refer to this document when any controversial issues arise.

What is included in the TOR preparation:

  1. Developing a project concept: It all starts with discussing a project. This includes the target audience, monetization methods, potential competitors, and project weaknesses.
  2. Sitemap creation: it is created to visualize the project structure, program modules, and relationships between them.
  3. Description of the work of each module of the project: it means direct drawing up of the TOR taking into account all the information that was revealed at the previous stages.
  4. Analysis of the project by experienced specialists: discussion of the project with a team of specialists for the best ways to implement the project.

Creating a Backlog of the project with the calculation of hours / cost: breaking the project into functional modules and calculating the costs of their implementation to detail the assessment of the entire project.

Stages of writing the TOR:

  1. Meeting with the customer for the initial collection of requirements, discussion of the goals and objectives of the project
  2. Analysing the target audience, drawing up the structure of the site, describing the basic functionality, and highlighting issues;
  3. Intermediate meeting to discuss questions and ideas, clarify details;
  4. Drawing up a complete description of the project and discussing it with the technical team to identify problems in implementation;
  5. Joint work with the client on the finalization of the TOR. The rotation of meetings and document changes is present.
  6. Estimation of development time and cost, formation of proposals for the stages of project development.

Who writes the TOR for the site:

TOR can be created by both the client and the contractor. Or you can even order its writing from external experts. But anyway, preparing the specification is a two-way process. The developers have the skills and experience to think over the design of the technical component of the sites, and the customer has the necessary competence in their industry. The format and degree of client participation in work processes should be discussed in advance.

TOR from Atlantox

If there is no desire to take risks and put into work independently written TOR, then we recommend that you contact the professionals of Atlantox. Each client in cooperation with us can count on:

  1. individual approach. Each client is a separate story. It is impossible to make TOR one for all. When developing it, we consider the history of the company, the specifics of the business, etc;
  2. accuracy and thoroughness. Website development documentation should describe the future project as clearly and in detail as possible;
  3. favorable price: from $240. The development cost will depend on the complexity of the future site. Atlantox guarantees that the TOR will be executed efficiently and will not require further changes;
  4. prototyping (for large resources). Analysts and specialists implementing the prototype are additionally involved in the creation of a demo version of the future site.

Why it is worth ordering TOR at Atlantox

There are many requirements for the development of documentation for creating a site. There should be no chaos, inaccuracies, and double concepts in it. Atlantox professionals can create the correct TOR.

We offer:

  • take advantage of our knowledge and experience, not only in the preparation of such documents but also in the site’s creation. In this regard, it is convenient to use our TOR;
  • cooperation without “force majeure”: we treat our work responsibly, fulfilling orders promptly and on time;
  • reliability. TOR should not only be in the hands of the customer but also should contribute to the creation of an effective website. If, after receiving the document, you have any questions about it, then experts from Atlantox will certainly advise.
  • TOR from our company is a high-quality fulfillment of the customer’s requirements for the creation of detailed, clear instructions for creating a website. Thanks to the information set out in the TOR, making the resource of your dreams will be easy and fast.

To order a TOR, you must contact us in one of the following ways:

apply through the “Write a letter” form;

contact through the specified contacts

The final stage of work on the site concept is the development of a prototype

The prototype helps us understand what the client wants to see on their website, what functionality their customers need. And the client will delve into the subject area in this way. On prototypes, clients describe in detail why such functionality is needed, explain the specifics of the site, etc.

You can poke the prototype with the cursor or your finger. If you wish, you can print it and trace on paper with a pencil what you don’t like, and it is easy to explain it to the contractor. It is also easier for them to move a block in the prototype than to move the same block on a finished project five minutes later. As a result, everything is in the black: the client saves money, and the developers are less likely to listen to the designer’s displeased grumbling.

Why develop a prototype

  • The same vision of the project: The prototype dots the i’s and crosses the t’s and as a result, the project is developed in full understanding of the work of all functionality.
  • Usability improvement: Experiment with the best layout for users, easier to implement on a prototype.
  • Awareness of the system as a whole: Seeing the complete picture, you can understand what features should be added and what should be changed.
  • Reduced design costs: By aligning elements early on, you don’t have to spend money on design changes in the future.
  • Planning dynamic elements: When developing interfaces, some elements appear under certain conditions and a prototype is ideal for rendering them
  • Getting started on content: The prototype will show the type and amount of content required for the project. You can start working on its creation at an earlier stage.

Cost of TOR

Writing TOR for website development involves conducting thorough preliminary research of the business and investing tens of hours of work with designers, UI / UX designers, programmers, and business analysts. Therefore, writing TOR is rarely included in the free services of web agencies. Free TOR usually means that the cost of the service is included in the development of the site. Or you are offered a template, but the value of such a document is almost zero. Most likely, it will have to be completely redone to correctly describe the features of your future site.

What affects the TOR price

The main factors influencing the price when drawing up TOR:

  1. Site type. Different types of sites have different functionality. Designing all modules of an online store is more difficult than describing a business card site or landing page.
  2. The scale and structure of the site. When drawing up TOR, it is not necessary to describe each page. But, nevertheless, in the specification the site should be described in as much detail as possible, starting with the significant sections.
  3. Completeness of the data to be provided by the client. Writing is preceded by work on the concept. It is necessary to research the target audience, to determine the goals and objectives of the site. Therefore, much depends on what information the client is initially willing to provide.
  4. Often, layouts and prototypes of pages are attached to the TOR. Development of the user interface and visual design can be paid for as a separate service or included in the total design price.

Conclusion: How to know that TOR is good

As we have already found out, the structure is unique for each project. But there are several cornerstone sections, including which you can be sure that your TOR is good and efficient:

  1. information about the company and target audience, tasks, and goals of the project, a list of terms;
  2. requirements for support of various devices, site resistance to loads, security technology;
  3. list of technologies involved, hosting parameters;
  4. detailed map (block diagram) of the project;
  5. page prototypes, individual interface elements;
  6. distribution of responsibilities for content creation;
  7. modeling of scenarios for using the interface;
  8. the functionality of the administrative panel;
  9. database architecture.

A competent technical task is half of the whole process of creating a website

Price for TOR (from)$240$300$400
Site prototype+
Design development++
Functional description+++
Choice of CMS by the client++
Website structure development++

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